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125 LIVE Weather Policy

During severe weather conditions or expected severe weather conditions, staff will assess weather conditions, utilize forecast predictions, evaluate road conditions, etc. to make a reasonable decision relate to closing 125 LIVE.  

The following are example scenarios of emergencies during which 125 LIVE will be closed:

·       over eight inches of snow falls overnight

·       electricity and / or heat (in the winter) is out

·       flooding affects transportation

·       State of Minnesota declares a weather emergency and asks people to stay off the roads.


The following weather conditions will be also taken into consideration:

·       wind chill factor

·       expected forecast

·       measurable snow or forecasted snow fall

·       sleet and freezing rain or forecasted

·       blizzard conditions or forecasted

·       winter storm warning predictions, when confidence is high that a winter storm will produce heavy snow, sleet or freezing rain will have a significant impact

·       staffing issues that could prevent safe member access

The decision to be closed will be made by 11:59 pm the evening before by Operations Director or Executive Director. If facility remains open, OD or ED reserve the right to cancel all the programming.