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Sgraffito? Get “artsy” at 125 LIVE

Sgraffito, Impressionism, Clay Hand Building? Art style is the manner in which an artist portrays matter and how the artist expresses his or her vision. Style is determined by the characteristics that describe the artwork, such as the way the artist employs form, color, and composition..With so many unique names for different art styles out there, it’s easy to feel unclear and overwhelmed. The 125 LIVE Program Guide provides a brief description of each offering, but I’m here today to break down a few increasingly common art styles  a little further…



A technique used in painting, pottery, and glass, which consists of putting down a preliminary surface, covering it with one or more layers contrasting in color, and then scratching the superficial layer(s) so that the pattern or shape that emerges is of the lower color.





A 19th-century art movement characterized by relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes. Impressionism artists often like to capture their images without fine detail but with bold colors, such as pictured above.




Clay Hand Building
A technique working with clay by hand using only simple tools, not the pottery wheel. Before potters had the wheel, they were creating pots and clay forms using clay, their hands and fingers, and basic hand tools.




Palette Knife Painting
The technique of applying paint to a surface with the blade of an artist’s knife. The tools are made of either plastic or of wood and metal, and are available in a variety of blade shapes and sizes.




Now that you know a little more about these art styles, register to try  something new  for yourself in one of our two beautiful art studios! you are sure to find a creative outlet that speaks to you. Look below for upcoming offerings, and be sure to page through our Program Guide for full details. Registration can be completed online, by phone at 507-287-1404, or in person at the Membership Services Desk.

Warmest Regards, Samantha (Executive Assistant)