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What's In Your Future?

A How-To On Getting “Unstuck” 


“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  -Abraham Lincoln

I eagerly jumped at the recent opportunity to attend  transformational trainer and life coach, LuAnn Buechler’s “What’s In Your Future?” presentation. I sat down and was joined by other 125 LIVE Members ranging from newly graduated business professionals, to happily (and unhappily) retired individuals.

Each participant had a different reason for attending, such as identifying a new passion and purpose after retirement or finding more meaningful connections with others. As someone who tries to “do it all”, I was personally looking for a process to better understand my passions and live life more attuned to them. LuAnn promised that we would walk away from the presentation knowing these four things:


1.Our top 5 passions
2.What is truly important in our life
3.How to start living that ideal life
4.The tools to keep us on track


I was impressed at how structured and long-term focused LuAnn’s system is. So many times, we forget that motivation is a finite resource. The above-mentioned tools are something that I look back at each day to reset and become motivated all over again.

Group interaction was another aspect of the presentation that really stood out for me. Change in life is inevitable at every age and though our personal situations may have looked different, our feelings were very much the same. Through this understanding, we were able to foster a connection that far transcended any age gap.

I have to say that not only did LuAnn fulfill her promises of the afternoon; she delivered so much more- two Members walked out arm-in-arm! Ready to join us for another round?

Friday, June 9th 1pm

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