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Fall Programming

Program Guide FAQs
What are the details of the new “Community Social” Membership?
125 LIVE looks forward to the additional activities and longer hours to enjoy them beginning Tuesday, September 5th. These exciting new changes are made possible in part by the expansion of Membership to those ages 18+. Opening our doors to a wider audience encourages inclusivity and Community engagement, key components of healthy aging and 125 LIVE’s overall mission. Also part of 125 LIVE’s mission, dedicated times for Members who prefer peer-to-peer interaction only will remain intact.
Where do I find specific schedules such as the fitness or technology classes?
Because these schedules can change from month to month, we print and post these schedules separately from the seasonal Program Guide. You can find the most up to date schedules via the125livemn.org “Plan Your Day” tab, at the bottom of the weekly newsletter, and printed at each 125 LIVE desk.
Besides new Members, I see more unfamiliar faces- who are they?
Please help 125 LIVE welcome two invaluable Rochester community resources, RNeighbors and Adaptive Recreation, to the building as ongoing rentals beginning Tuesday, September 5th.
RNeighbors empowers citizen leaders to create sustainable neighborhood networks that promote a vibrant, healthy, and livable community. Their office, located on the main level next to the elevators, serves as a resource center helping Rochester’s neighbors build community by providing tools to grow great neighborhoods. Please note that the Elder Network Senior Advocate is still available as previously scheduled, and not too far from their old office! You will find them in the office across from the stairs (between Membership Services and the Fitness Center).
Adacptive Recreation provides a fun and healthy assortment of sports and leisure time activities designed to meet the unique and vast needs of individuals ages 3 years and older with an intellectual and/or physical challenge. They will be using a room or two in the lower level every evening, with no disruption to 125 LIVE daily activity scheduling or location.
The cost structure for some art classes looks different. What is the “materials” charge?
Whether you’re new to the art scene or a seasoned “professional”, there is an art class and fee option for you! Many artists have an assortment of supplies that they prefer to bring to class, so we created the option to bring your own, or purchase the necessary supplies through 125 LIVE. Supply lists for each class are available at Membership Services when you register.
Can I come in anytime to tour the building and learn more about Membership and/orMembership support options?
Self-guided tours and general Membership information are available at all times 125 LIVE is open. If you would prefer a guided tour with a Staff Member/ Volunteer, or want to find out if you qualify for a supported Membership, please call Membership Services at 507-287-1404 to set up an appointment. Beginning Monday, September 11th, group tours will be available on Mondays at 9:30am and Tuesday at 6:15pm with no appointment or registration necessary.