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Complimentary Conference Room Request Form

Our Rental Coordinator will follow up with you to confirm your request.

For immediate questions, call (507) 424-6408 or email rentals@125livemn.org.

Click ‘Start’ or hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to begin filling out the form.

* Organizations cannot use the space to sell wares, goods or services and must have a mission that aligns with that of 125 LIVE. Approval for use of space will be determined by the 125 LIVE Leadership Team through the completion of this form. Reservations for the complimentary conference room can be made no more than 30 days prior to the event with only one complimentary rental given per organization per month. 125 LIVE reserves the right to cancel event or future rentals. Space must be left in the same state as it was found.

Note: Make sure to record the entire time slot you need the room(s)/facility open and available for your use. Times reserved include any decorating, special setup, tear down and clean up done by the user.
What type of activity/event are you planning to host at 125 LIVE? Please provide more information than "party" or "meeting" regarding the activity.
Our Audio-Visual capabilities require an HDMI connection. To display a presentation onto our screens, you will need to have a laptop with an HDMI port or an adapter that allows the laptop to be connected to an HDMI cord.
Type Yes/No - If yes, please provide details (catered, potluck, coffee and doughnuts - & how many extra tables will be needed)