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Fitness Membership

Fitness Center

Fitness facilities w/private locker rooms & fitness equipment designed to minimize impact.

Complimentary Fitness Equipment Orientation

We will provide a tour of the fitness facility and all the equipment in it. Demonstrating the usage of each.

Discounts on Personal Training Packages

Our fitness center will have personal trainers available, and with this membership you will be able to get discounts on the personal training packages that we offer.

Group Fitness Classes

Our fitness facilities will have numerous group fitness classes available from yoga to Zumba.

Warm Water Pool & Spa

The pool measures in at 35’ x 75’! It is especially designed for older adults and will be handicap accessible. It is also planned out with classes in mind to make exercising more enjoyable in groups!

The warm water pool will be 89 degrees, which is perfect temperature for individuals looking to enjoy the pool leisurely as well as those whom want to do water therapy for chronic conditions.

Both the warm water and the 50 meter pool use a state-of-the-art system that involves sphagnum moss and UV light to cleanse the water. This ensures healthier water and air for users! There will be a chlorine backup system, being utilized only when necessary.

Lap Pool

50 meter lap pool.

Gym Activities

Pickleball, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.

Walking Loop

Have access to the walking loop to stroll at your leisure.

From Aqua to Zumba...

General Fitness Memberships: age 50+

Community Fitness Memberships: age 18-49 years

Both memberships get the full benefits of our fitness facility and class offerings.  The Community Fitness Membership usage hours vary from the General Fitness Membership hours. Additional limitations may apply.


$50 Single

$80 Dual

$540 Single

$864 Dual (10% Discount)



(1/2 off for 90+)

$45 Single

$70 Dual

$486 Single

$756 Dual (10% Discount)