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Membership Grants

125 LIVE Membership Grants: Making Tools for Healthy Aging Accessible & Affordable

The Membership Grant Program is available to adults 50+.
Support is confidential, based on a sliding fee scale.

Stop by Membership Services for more information, or call 507-287-1404.

Membership Grant Application

Application Process:

  • Complete the 125 LIVE Membership Agreement and Member Information forms.
  • Complete the confidential Membership Grant Application.

What to attach to Membership Agreement:

  • Documentation of MN State Residency
  • Social Security Disability (if applicable)
  • Documentation of all income sources in the form of a current tax return
  • Special Financial Circumstances (Letter of Explanation)

Drop off completed paperwork at the Membership Services Desk. You will be notified when level of eligibility is determined (usually 1-3 days).

  • Applicants need to re-apply annually.
  • The new member enrollment fee will be waived for all individuals who qualify for membership grants.

 How are Membership Grants funded?
125 LIVE will solicit funding to assist the organization in funding reduced memberships for those deemed eligible for financial support. 125 LIVE will solicit contributions from a variety of sources to make-up the income lost in offering reduced memberships. Funding sources will include private and government grants, contributions from individuals and businesses and designated special events which will benefit this fund. A “grant” endowment may be established to support the program needs. 

Program Evaluation
The Membership Grants Program will be evaluated annually to determine the estimated funding base that is likely to be needed in the upcoming budget year. The administrative support necessary to oversee the program will be evaluated annually. It is essential that adequate staffing resources are available to support the program.

Please Note:
Membership Grants will be suspended immediately if the recipient does not follow 125 LIVE’s Rules, Regulations, and Policies. Any violations will result in funding being discontinued. The Member will be ineligible to apply for grants again for one-year following the violation.