Foot Care


You need not be a 125 live member for services.

Sheila Buehler, APRN, CNP, CFCSFoot Care Professionals, LLC

To schedule an appointment:

call/text 507-269-7827
or stop by room 112

Drop-in clients are welcome.  If the door is closed, I am with a client and you are welcome to make yourself comfortable in the chairs by the door until it opens.  Pre-scheduled clients will have priority over drop-in clients, however every effort will be made to accommodate everyone, and the schedule is maintained at the door.  Day, evening, and weekend hours are available.  

125 Live membership is not required to receive foot care services, including in my office on site Room 112. Feel free to check out my website!  My hours are posted here and updated weekly.

Cash, check, or credit card is accepted.  Insurance is not accepted since Medicare does not cover routine foot care.  It can cover toenail care in certain high risk situations, but does not cover callus care.   My pricing is intentionally kept lower to avoid overcharging  clients since everyone, average risk and high risk, needs help with their feet eventually.  Invoices are provided for tax or reimbursement account purposes.

We offer professional medical foot care, including toenail and callus care, as well as education and recommendations specifically tailored to help YOU live well with YOUR feet!

It is no secret that over time, it becomes difficult to reach our feet to care for them.  Additionally, changes to the nails and foot structure over time often require assistance or risk complications of ingrown toenail, painful toenails or calluses, or even foot ulceration.  People feel better when their feet feel better.  We are here to help!

I am an adult nurse practitioner and certified foot care specialist from Rochester, MN.  I have worked 31 years at a local medical facility, and I am now expanding my passion to help people live independently with their foot care.   My goal is to provide accessible foot care services in a safe, timely manner.   I offer foot care in the safety of your own home, or on site at 125 Live downstairs in room 112.   Foot Care Professionals has a strong emphasis on preventing and treating pain from toenails and calluses, and also empowering you to learn what you can do to care for your feet in between visits.  I expect to grow over time to help meet community need for foot care in a variety of settings in Rochester and the surrounding area. 

My previous RN experience includes inpatient internal medicine 15 months and 6.5 years working inpatient transplant (liver, kidney, pancreas transplant). I worked as a nurse practitioner in surgical and medical gastrointestinal cancer prevention and treatment for 14 years, then most recently 4 years in Podiatry, caring for our local community patients.

My training includes experience with the podiatrist and nurse practitioner colleagues in Rochester, hands-on training workshop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, medical podiatry video training though Rainier Med, and ongoing continuing medical education for both foot care and general medical care to maintain my nurse practitioner licensure.   I am an active member in the American Foot Care Nurses Association.

I am a Rochester native, having graduated from John Marshal High School in 1992.  I attended Rochester Community College (now Rochester Community and Technical College) 2 year RN program on a Presidential Scholarship since that was the only nursing school with clinical training at Mayo Clinic at the time.  I then completed my 4 year degree at Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, then my Master of Art in Nursing degree and Adult Nurse Practitioner certification from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN (now St. Catherine University).  All that said, I have learned more from my work with patients than any textbook could possibly teach.

I am often asked how I came to do this work.  I find helping people with their feet rewarding because it prevents pain, ulceration, infection, and empowers people to maximize their mobility.  My patients experience significant relief at the conclusion of our visits.  I want to help people keep up what is important to them- spending time with family, friends, exercising, relieving/preventing pain, traveling, and maintaining independence.  I strive to provide personal, professional care for my patients.  I have designed Foot Care Professionals to meet patients’ needs where they need help- either on location at 125 Live or in the comfort and convenience of their own home.  I expect over time to expand staff and train additional foot care nurses to help as many people as possible.

Our mission is to help YOU live well with YOUR feet!

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