personal training

At 125 LIVE, we take personal training seriously.  All of our trainers hold certifications with nationally accredited organizations, and are current in continuing education.  In fact most also carry specialization certification as well, such as Senior Fitness, corrective fitness and even Golf fitness specialties.  

We also offer two distinct formats for personal training, One-on-One, our most popular option, and Small group training (SGT), which still allows personal individualized attention, but is a more cost effective way to get such an exclusive service.

Lastly, our personal training program knows no boundaries.  We offer remote training, water training, even outdoor components, in addition to our standard training settings.  We use almost all the fitness space in the building to provide cutting edge resources and programming variety.  Our trainers are diverse in culture as well as experience.  You will be able to find a perfect fit, no matter your need.  

Contact us at [email protected] for more information or to schedule a Fitness Consultation.

Please schedule your initial Fitness Consultation with Miranda our Fitness Manager, and together we will get you on the path that is best for you here at 125 LIVE.

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