Who can come to the happy hours and brunches?

125 LIVE hosts a monthly event for new and existing members to get to know each other and make new friends.

Happy Hour– 4:30 pm-6:00 pm on the Last Friday of EVEN months (unless it’s a holiday).

Brunch – 11:30 am-Noon food served on the Last Sunday of ODD months (unless it’s a holiday).

The events are free for Social members and new members, who join the previous month and $10 for Fitness members | $15 nonmembers

Registration is required for each event. You will receive a confirmation email when you register. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please stop by or call membership services to verify that you are registered before you attend the event.

How Can I Register For 125 LIVE Activities?

Please keep in mind the register-by date. Popular activities fill up. Register Early! There are three ways to register:

  1. Email [email protected]. Provide your name and the activities you want to register for. If there is a fee, your credit card must be on file.
  2. Call Membership services at 507-287-1404.
  3. Stop by Membership services.
  4. Sign Up Online – If you are a member with an email on file, you already have an online account. Just click “forgot password” to receive an email link to reset your password.

You will receive a confirmation email from Membership Services when you are registered. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please follow up with Membership Services and verify that you are registered.

How Can I Support 125 LIVE?

  1. Volunteer. We have numerous opportunities: food pantry pickups, lower level assistance, tour guides, library, help during special events, teach technology classes.
  2. Be a 125 LIVE advocate. Pick up free passes and invite your friends. Change your shoes inside to ease the floor cleaning burden on facility staff. Share your positive experience. Help to create a positive experience for everyone around you. 
  3. Donate. We are a private non-profit, and from every dollar we receive, 90 cents goes back into programming for our members. This is an extremely small overhead, and we pride ourselves on our members always coming first! However, like every organization, we have needs. Specialty equipment, new computers for the TLC, more weights, water dumbbells, a new kiln, free coffee, and the list keeps on going. 
  4. You can participate in the solution and consider enrolling in automated donations for $10/ month. This is the easiest way to ensure 125 LIVE’s financial stability. We, of course, will be happy with bigger gifts, but we truly appreciate any help. 
  5. Reviews. It helps 125 LIVE’s mission to see 5-star reviews on Google or social media.

Whatever you choose, we thank you for building a strong community.

What is Senior Congregate Dining?

If you are 60+, you can register for Monday- Friday senior congregate lunch meals served at 125 LIVE. Stop by Membership Services for an application. Diners enjoy a healthy meal while socializing. Please consider a donation of $2-5 per meal. 

  • Place your lunch order by 2 pm the day before at the membership services desk or  you call 507287-1404.
    • Every Friday, sign-up for the entire next week opens.   Lunch is served between 11:30 and noon.

What Does a Fitness Assessment Include?

  • Full Health History
  • Physical Assessment and Movement ScreenGoal
  • Discussion and Scheduling
  • Biometric Body Scan
  • Nutrition Discussion

Email Fitness Coordinator Miranda for the details-[email protected]

Does 125 LIVE Have Workout Videos?

We sure do! Check out our YouTube channel! Our fitness instructors create new workouts that you can do from your home. So let us know when you work out at home with one of our fitness videos! Why? We can scan you in for the day if you have a Silver and Fit, Active Fit, or similar insurance reimbursement program. The day you work out, call us at 507-287-1404 or email [email protected].  

Please tell us the type of workout you did, and you’ll get your scan for the day.  

Visit the 125 LIVE YouTube page! We encourage you to Like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also, let us know what videos you would like us to produce.

Do you have a lost and found?

125 LIVE has a lost and found. On the last Friday of every month, all items (excluding valuables) accumulated in our lost and found from that month will be placed on the counters between the men’s and women’s locker rooms in the fitness center.

If any of the lost items are yours, please take them. Anything left at the end of the day will be donated to a local organization. Valuables will be kept until they are picked up.

How can I Change, Suspend, or Cancel My Membership


Change of membership requests must be submitted by the 20th of the month to take effect by the first of the upcoming month. Because of the volume of submissions received, this will allow us to process your request on time.

Your requests may be submitted anytime, but if they are received after the 20th of the month, the change to your membership will be delayed by a month. Please stop by membership services or call 507-287-1404 if you have more questions.

Do you have membership guidelines?

We have what we call 125 LIVE Fitness Etiquette

To maintain an atmosphere in which 125 LIVE members and guests feel comfortable, 125 LIVE must insist on certain standards of behavior. Promoting fitness etiquette can break down barriers that prevent members from using a facility and can ensure a comfortable, professional environment for everyone.

General rules

Do not bring your gym bag or other personal belongings onto the exercise space. Please use the lockers to store your personal belongings.

Items not stored properly may become tripping hazards, or the contents of unsecured items may spill and cause additional issues.

In the changing rooms, post-it notes or the whiteboard are tools available to assist with remembering your locker.

If you are unable to unlock your locker, upon calling for assistance from the phones located in the locker rooms, you will be required to identify the items in your locker prior to the door being unlocked, and you may be subject to presenting a form of picture ID to verify the contents are yours.

Wear appropriate workout apparel, including clean athletic shoes.

Practice hygiene (Wash hands to decrease the spread of germs, members are encouraged to avoid excess fragrances that may potentially impact other members with respiratory concerns)

If you do not like the choice of what is playing on TV, ask others working out if they would mind if you changed the channel. TVs should be muted with subtitles on.

If you wish to listen to music or news or watch TV, please bring your own personal device and a pair of headphones.

Always ask an employee for the proper procedure if in doubt

Fitness center

Allow others to work in between your sets.

Do not rest on exercise equipment or leave any personal belongings (i.e. water bottles or towels) on places that others might use such as fitness benches.

On cardio equipment, abide by the time limit set (30 minutes if others are waiting)

Wipe equipment with towel sprayed with disinfectant after each set.

Put equipment away when you have completed an exercise

To minimize the risk of injury, please wait to initiate conversations with others if they are actively engaged in vigorous exercise.

Please take personal phone calls in the lobby or outside, never in the locker room (cell phone use in the locker rooms is prohibited).

Abstain from telling others they are using the equipment improperly unless it is your job or someone’s life is in danger. Our employees can and will approach with respect members that might face difficulties.

Place dumbbells in order of weight size on the weight rack where they were intended to be stored and remove all the heavy plates.


Please allow the previous class participants to vacate the space before you enter.

Listen to the announcement from the fitness instructor.

Keep your water bottle and towel secured so that they will not become a tripping hazard or spill, causing an interruption to the activity.

Remember that classes are in a group setting. Instructors must provide programming that serves a majority of participants. Do not interrupt the instructor during exercise outside of an emergency, as this can be distracting. If you need modification or assistance, please raise your hand or discuss it before or after the class.

Wipe any equipment you used with a towel sprayed with a disinfectant.

Put away all the equipment where you found it, especially if you brought something from another room. It is a common courtesy for other members and instructors.

Be positive. If the class you just took is not for you, there are over 100 to choose from.


Pool Take a shower before entering the pool.

Follow the rules of use for lap swimming, open pool an classes

Only use pool during 125 LIVE times, even if the pool is empty. The pool operates on a schedule, and 125 LIVE members and guests are required to stay within our scheduled hours.

Alive and Kicking