Pottery Studio

Social Membership is required to utilize the pottery studio. An orientation is required prior to use. See membership services desk to sign up.

Click here to see our online catalog of pottery classes!

Pottery Studio Hours: M-F 5:30am – 9:00pm, Sat. 6am-6pm, Sun. 10am-4pm

The 125 LIVE Pottery studio is an inclusive studio providing friendly social opportunities for beginners interested in learning how to work with clay to the professional who likes to create pieces in a community environment. The studio is designed for wheel throwing and hand building. 

Pottery Studio Member’s Guide

Class Opportunities:

Click here to see our online catalog of pottery classes!

Classes are offered monthly with professional instructors as well as volunteer instructors.  Classes address varying skill levels.

Some examples of offerings are:

  • Anyone Can Throw
  • Ladies Mimosa and Mud
  • Intro to Wheel (4 week course)
  • Intermediate Wheel Throwing (8 week course)

Studio Usage:

Please adhere to studio etiquette that is posted in studio.

Always start cleaning up 30 minutes before closing time

Active artist will be assigned shelf space to store clay and pieces. For an additional fee artist may reserve a locker to store personal equipment.

Members must purchase clay from 125 LIVE studio. 
The cost is $60 per 25lb block. This is above market price however it is how we choose to offset the following costs without charging for them individually:

  • Community tools
  • Accessories
  • Wide range of glazes
  • Kiln Firing (mid fire cone 5/6)
  • Pug Mill (and practice clay)
  • Slab Roller
  • Extruder

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